Lead Safety

Lead Poisoning is still a thing?

Apparently lead poisoning is really still a thing, and don't just take our word for it...

Recently we were on OSHA's website looking for updates to new regulations and performing some fact checking for our safety topics...

Then we stumbled on this Blog headline: We Know How to Prevent Lead Poisoning. So Why Weren’t These Workers Protected?

(Yes, OSHA has a blog, you should definitely check it out...)

The blog post tells the story about how an OSHA investigated some complaints filed against a company where workers "had been torching, cutting and removing material known to be contaminated with lead paint."

Yikes! Unfortunately it turned out pretty bad for that company and even worse for the workers who had lead exposure up to 20 times the safe limits. 

Often in construction we focus on physical hazards such as crushing, struck-by, falls, and electrocutions...

We can't afford to miss the sneaky little health hazards that we need to pay attention to because they can sorely affect our own and our workers health...

It's one of the reasons why we incorporate a series of weekly safety topics dedicated to health hazards.

If you want to make sure that you're not missing out on communicating not only the hazards of lead and similar issues but also the right ways to avoid those hazards then download our free safety report by clicking the button below.

We're dedicated to worker safety and small business success - we know its a win for everyone! 

All it takes is a decision to start improving safety in small ways, this week, right now… If you're interested in knowing where to start, visit our site to learn more at Weeklysafety.com.

Be Prepared at Home

Be Prepared at Home

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