New Product! Customize Your Own Safety Topics

New Product! Customize Your Own Safety Topics has received many requests for our hottest new product offering and we are excited to be able to make an offer for safety topics that you won’t find anywhere else!

Do you love getting awesome safety topics and resources for your safety meetings but wish you had the ability to customize them for your own company? Now you can! We have opened up the files for every single Manager’s Presentation, Foreman’s Topic, Fast 100 Toolbox Talk, Sign-in Sheet, Checklist and Form that we have available (in both English & Spanish) and are providing all of these open documents in either MS Word or MS PowerPoint format so you can edit and customize every single one!

Your company will now be able to make every safety topic, checklist and form your own!

  • Add your company name, branding or logo.
  • Add photos from your own job sites, warehouses, distribution centers, offices and work locations so your safety meetings are even more relevant to your teams.
  • Edit the language in every safety topic & checklist to ensure it is highly specialized for your company’s industry and line of work.

Remember, you won’t have to start from scratch because you still get all the amazing content exactly as it is in our PDF files. But now you have a great template to make as few or as many modifications as you need to make these safety topics perfect for your company.

We are offering a limited time discount on the full suite of editable Safety Topics. Order the Premium Lifetime Membership (regularly $997) for 40% off today!

Here’s what you get for a one-time payment of $597 now…

  • Limited time offer of 40% the regular price!
  • Never make another monthly or annual payment again – you get everything has to offer …. FOREVER!
  • Everything that is currently offered with a regular Membership including:

     + Hundreds of Safety Topics & Safety Meeting Kits

     + OSHA Compliant Safety Manual ($249 value)

     + Safety Manual Power Pack ($495 value)

     + Survival Guide to Keep OSHA Off Your Back ($397 value)

     + Fully Customizable Safety Orientation Presentation ($297 value)

     + Tons more safety resources available in your Member’s Area



  • Every Manager’s Presentation (6-pages) & Foreman’s Topic (2-pages) in PowerPoint format that is fully customizable.
  • Every Fast 100 toolbox talk (1-page) in PowerPoint format – edit every single one if you want!
  • Every sign-in sheet, checklist & form we have created in MS Word format so you can edit all these resources too.
  • If you add the Spanish upgrade to your membership you also get EVERYTHING IN SPANISH to customize too!
  • Get every new safety topic & resource we continue to add at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE…we are adding new topics and resources every month!

Act now because this low price won’t be around long! We are working hard to provide a full suite of General Industry safety topics and when we finish adding those new topics to the Member’s Area, the price of our Lifetime Membership WILL GO UP to the full price of $997.

If you purchase your Lifetime Membership NOW then you get all current AND future safety topics for the low price of $597 and you NEVER HAVE TO PAY AGAIN!

To get in on this amazing deal today, visit and choose the Premium Lifetime Membership for $597 on the order form. You will get instant access to everything listed above!

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