June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month

Join the National Safety Council (NSC) and organizations across the country by raising safety awareness during National Safety Month. Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.

The National Safety Council provides many resources so that any organization can have a successful Safety Month campaign. Every week has a different focus but every organization can participate in National Safety Month in any way that meets the needs of their team members.

Week 1: Hazard Recognition

Week 2: Slips, Trips and Falls

Week 3: Fatigue

Week 4: Impairment

To access the free materials available (you don’t have to be an NSC member) just go to the NSC website and choose the link that says “Get Free Materials”. Once you enter some basic information you will immediately get the link to download the materials you can use for National Safety Month.

Campaign materials for every week include:

  • Tip Sheets in both English & Spanish

  • Articles related to the weekly focus

  • A graphic you can share on social media

You will also be able to download the official National Safety Month Poster, take the SafeAtWork Pledge and learn more about starting a workplace wellness plan. They also make it easy by adding related links to other materials that could also be useful during National Safety Month.

Just like safety, the wellbeing of your employees is a priority. Wellness programs should be more than just fruit in the breakroom or a smoking cessation program. They should be integrated into your environmental, health and safety program. Besides being the right thing to do, promoting wellness can decrease health care costs and improve worker productivity.

The NSC Wellness Plus program is designed to not only focus on the absence of illness but the total wellbeing of employees. The program strives to encompass emotional, social and intellectual health as well as physical health, healthy behavior and supportive environments at work and home.

Every organization, regardless of industry, is encouraged to participate in National Safety Month. Ideas for workplace activities include:

  • Companies can conduct a safety meeting or toolbox talk on the weekly focus and encourage a discussion among team members.

  • Organizations can send out weekly emails with the related articles and tip sheets to allow employees to read as they have time throughout the week.

  • Articles and tip sheets can be printed out and provided to team members or posted on bulletin boards in common areas.

  • The president, owner or Safety Director can email a personal letter to all employees about what National Safety Month means for them with the message they want to convey to all employees.

  • Supervisors and managers can lead team safety activities such as conducting safety equipment inspections, developing rescue plans or discussing job specific hazards.

  • Organizational leadership can recognize individuals or teams for positive safety related accomplishments.

  • Spread the word on social media using the provided graphics or awesome photos of team members – don’t forget to tag your posts with #NSM.

Another way to participate in National Safety Month is to add regular safety meetings to your company or organization’s safety and health program. Holding regular safety meetings or toolbox talks with your crews, teams and staff is the best way to ensure that your company is meeting and exceeding OSHA’s compliance standards.

If you want to start safety meetings at your company, or you already have safety meetings but waste time trying to come up with new topics, Weeklysafety.com has everything you need to have successful safety meetings with your team. For a super-low monthly price, you have access to hundreds of safety meeting sheets, customized sign-in sheets and tons of free bonuses like a written safety manual, customizable safety orientation and our book “Survival Guide to Keep OSHA Off Your Back”. Learn more today at Weeklysafety.com.

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