Free Employee Safety Orientation

Free Employee Safety Orientation is all about providing value. When you sign up for a membership to you get free gifts worth over $1,800!! ...and, what's more? We are adding new products and resources every month, which all members get free (with no price increase, ever!)

Nothing frustrates us more when companies offer special deals and discounts to new members, but when they already have your money, you are old news and they act like they don't care about you. That's not us!!

When we started we wanted to make sure we didn't treat our valuable customers like that. Every new bonus, product and resource that we offer to new customers, we automatically give to our valued customers.

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So what's new? We have created a brand new Employee Safety Orientation presentation, that is fully customizable for your organization.

This safety orientation presentation comes packed with 60 slides of DOs and DON'Ts, rules, safety tips, and images and you can use today! Plus with the presentation in a PowerPoint format you can to edit, customize, add your company logo, and update for your specific company needs.


We've designed this presentation to perfectly compliment your Safety Manual so that your team is getting information that they need to know as soon as they join your organization. 

OSHA rules make it clear that new employees need awareness training and this is the perfect start for compliance with OSHA training regulations. Getting this same information from a hired safety consultant will cost any company up to $297, but we are including this fully editable and ready-to-go safety orientation as another FREE BONUS with your subscription to

This Employee Safety Orientation presentation is only available as a free bonus with your subscription. Don't hesitate to lock in your super-low monthly subscription rate today of only $27/month!

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