The Insider's Guide to OSHA Decoded

The Insider's Guide to OSHA Decoded

This exclusive book is only available from What is included in this book is the exact same advice that companies pay safety consultants to tell them after they pay hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars in consulting fees. Getting this same information from a hired safety consultant will cost any company between $297 and $1299, but we are including this valuable book as a FREE BONUS with every risk-free subscription!

Safety Manual on page 6 learn what needs to be in your safety manual and on page 9 learn what a Hazard Communication program should look like.

Safety Meetings on page 13 is advice on how often you should be having regular safety meetings and on page 16 what you should be talking about at those meetings.

Compliance Training on page 19 find information on what compliance training is required for your company.

Incident Investigations on page 21 understand the difference between an incident vs. accident and also find guidance on what types of incidents you need to investigate.

Job Inspections who needs to be performing job inspections is revealed on page 27 and what should be recorded during a job inspection is covered on page 29.

OSHA Logs find out what an OSHA log is, where to find them, and how to fill them out on pages 32 - 34.

OSHA Reporting understand what OSHA reporting is and when you need to do it on page 36, and then find out on page 39 what happens if you fail to report when you are supposed to.

Here's what you get with a subscription:

  • Hundreds of Safety Meeting Kits and Toolbox Talks (valued at $444/year)

  • Bonus #1: OSHA Compliant Safety Manual with 10 core sections (valued at $249)

  • Bonus #2: OSHA Safety Manual Power Pack that includes 10 more sections! (valued at $495)

  • Bonus #3: Quick & Easy Survival Guide to Keep OSHA Off Your Back (valued at $397)

  • OSHA Resources, Safety Videos, More Safety Resources Added Every Month!

  • Option to add SPANISH Safety Topics, professionally translated

  • TOTAL VALUE is more than $1,585

This book alone is worth more than the low monthly subscription price to And starting a subscription is truly risk-free. Within 30 days if you feel like doesn't have what your organization needs, just email us to cancel and we will refund your money, but you still get to keep your copy of this awesome book!

Seriously, we make it super simple to sign up and have a no-hassle cancellation policy. There is no good reason not to give us a try. Have questions? Email us at

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Thanksgiving Safety

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